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Le Hoang Vy is an art director, designer and photographer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vy has acquired an insightful understanding of the fashion retail industry, having worked with fashion products of broad price ranges and diverse distribution channels. Her previous managerial positions have equipped her with sharp analytical skills and adept relationship management techniques, as well as the ability to adapt rapidly to international markets and to work efficiently in result-oriented environments.

Outside work Vy pursues her long-standing interests in photography, which provide her with a balance for creativity and self-development. However, regardless of whether it is a professional assignment or a personal hobby, Vy remains consistently dedicated. She views her results as not only a demonstration of her skills but also a representation of her individual approach to arts.

Even though she does not give life to specific designs, Vy is passionate about giving meaning, purpose and direction to the works of others so that they become both commercially effective and artistically inspirational.


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